Exercises - part 1 :
Authentication and autorisation

A - Get a certificate

1 - connect to http://igc.services.cnrs.fr/GRID-FR/certificats.html

2 - follow the instructions to get a certificate

B - Import, export and use of the certificate

1 - Connect to the UI

2 - get your certificate as a pkcs12 (~/certificate/.p12) and import it into your browser

3 - Verify it is done properly.

4 - Use the "export" function to save your certificate as a pkcs12(fichier .p12)

C - Installation and configuration of the certificate

1 - On the machine, create, in your home directory, the directory .globus

2 - Import the private and public keys of your certificate as a pem and verify the rights on it

3 - Make a copy of your certificate

4 - Read the certificate content with the command openssl

D - Initialization of the work environment

1 - On the machine, generate a proxy with the function voms-proxy-init

2 - Read the informations of the proxy you have created

E - Get the files for the next exercises

1 - Get the archive by using this command :
wget http://egee.in2p3.fr/egee_exos/tutorial_material.tgz

2 - Decompress it from your home directory:
$ tar -zxvf tutorial_material.tgz